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RWE Photobioreactor

RWE PhotobioreactorRWE’s revolutionary large scale bioreactor, the RWE Photobioreactor, is at the heart of the project. This patent pending bioreactor consists of three primary components: a vertical pond, automated pro...

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Aventura Equities, Inc. Finalized The Acquisition Of A Majority Of Renewed World Energy

McHenry, Illinois- March 10, 2010: Aventura Equities, Inc., (OTC Pink: AVNE) has acquired a majority interest in Renewed World Energies, Inc. of Georgetown, South Carolina, thereby shifting its focus...

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Commercially-viable photobioreactor launched

Renewed World Energies claims world first by Helen Tunnicliffe October 14, 2009 A SOUTH Carolina f...

Company Developing Algae Farm & Power Plant

October 14, 2009 Renewed World Energies Corp. is working on turning a 5 acre site into an algae bio...

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Envara was formed in May 2007 out of Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) to commercialize the production of biofuel for jet aircraft (bio JP-8). Since that time, active development on the fundamental reactions has resulted in a successful process for converting soybean and peanut oil into JP-8. Envara completed Phase I development in 2008 and produced JP-8 (jet fuel) and diesel (Naval Distillate) for Department of Defense D  evaluation. Their fuel met all specifications. The bio JP-8 that passed all tests is higher quality than petroleum JP-8 and does not require blending with petroleum JP-8. The first phase also produced high yields of Naval Distillate used on naval ships – the second highest consumed fuel in the military behind JP-8.

FC Stone

FC Stone is a recognized innovator in commodity risk intelligence providing companies around the world with sound management strategies that are designed to minimize risk and maximize profits. FC Stone's roots date back nearly 80 years with the establishment of the Saul Stone Corporation and Farmer Commodities Corporation. With 16 domestic offices and 400 employees, the company has $633 million in assets and is owned by approximately 550 co-op members. That ownership represents 5,500 elevator locations. Its membership originates approximately 80% of the U.S. corn and bean crops. On the futures front, we hold the largest open interest in the grain complex on a daily basis on the CBOT. We are the largest clearing member on the NYBOT and one of the largest clearing firms on the NYMEX.

Emerald Biofuel

Emerald will manufacture biodiesel to U.S. and European fuel standards and sell into these two markets. Emerald has contracted with Bayer CropSciences LP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bayer AG ("Bayer"), a world-class chemical manufacturer, to utilize its infrastructure and plant operating management and personnel to build a low cost, contracted cash flow, biodiesel and glycerin manufacturing facility.

Algae Energae


Algae Energae

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