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RWE Photobioreactor

RWE PhotobioreactorRWE’s revolutionary large scale bioreactor, the RWE Photobioreactor, is at the heart of the project. This patent pending bioreactor consists of three primary components: a vertical pond, automated pro...

Latest news

Aventura Equities, Inc. Finalized The Acquisition Of A Majority Of Renewed World Energy

McHenry, Illinois- March 10, 2010: Aventura Equities, Inc., (OTC Pink: AVNE) has acquired a majority interest in Renewed World Energies, Inc. of Georgetown, South Carolina, thereby shifting its focus...

Featured articles

Commercially-viable photobioreactor launched

Renewed World Energies claims world first by Helen Tunnicliffe October 14, 2009 A SOUTH Carolina f...

Company Developing Algae Farm & Power Plant

October 14, 2009 Renewed World Energies Corp. is working on turning a 5 acre site into an algae bio...

Why Algae

AlgaeAlgae is a plant: the growth and cultivation of which inherently draws green house gasses out of the atmosphere

Algae does not affect the world’s food supply

Algae hold a potential to provide a new food supply source

Algae has a rapid growth rate

Algae, existing worldwide, consists of numerous species each of which has numerous and unique characteristics. As a result, today’s algae systems may end up being tomorrow’s sources for products even more valuable than oil - such as chemicals which typically require an environmentally detrimental manufacturing process, highly nutritious food products, and medicine. RWE’s Solution

Algae can be grown in units of various sizes to accommodate a wide variety of locations and uses (including facilities with flue gas, conveniently situated near refining facilities, or on property undesirable for other commercial uses).

Algae has the potential value of creating carbon credit opportunities

Algae is a renewable feedstock

Algae is GREEN

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